7 May 2012


Yes Europe, it's true. Not content with completely f***ing up the Fiskalpakt, the fates have conspired to suspend my account on Twitter. I suppose all that stuff about @D_Strauss_Kahn and chambermaids must have been too close to the truth for them to handle.

Feel free to share your frustration (and provide any suggestions you may have on stimulating growth in a fiscally responsible manner) in the comments below, via angelamerkelspeaks@gmail.com, or maybe just go and shout at someone in the street.

Check back here for updates and remember, ACCEPT NO FAKE FAKES (that means you @Angela_"2"_Merkel). 


UPDATE: Regrettably events have forced the Chancellor to upgrade herself to @Queen_Europe

UPDATE 2: Under intense pressure from the European press corps, the authorities have reinstated @Angela_D_Merkel. Alles in Ordnung ist.

FINAL UPDATE: In order to comply with the mysterious protocols of the Twitter-police, @Angela_D_Merkel has been permanently upgraded to @Queen_Europe. I need a drink.


Anonymous said...

I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore !!

Anonymous said...

Sense of humour failure. Sad day. Cant you just change the picture and amend spelling rather than have to spell out 'NOT' ?

Lukas_Papademos said...

Ανγελα baby, I'm out of a job and I think you will be soon. Shall we run away to Switzerland together? You're so σεξι when you're angry. My friends at G-S have moved all my Euros and Δραχμες to a nice safe account there.

Με αγάπη

Anonymous said...

Suspended. It's not good it.

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